• Review the terms of the lease and any other documents
  • Undertake a detailed survey of your property
  • Prepare the Schedule of Dilapidations which will state the work the tenant must do
  • Discuss the Schedule with the tenant and their advisors
  • Reach a final agreement with the tenant

Every lease and every property is different. It takes the skill of an experienced Building Surveyor to interpret the repair obligations for a particular building in a particular location and this is something we pride ourselves on doing well.
We understand that as a landlord, when you lease your property, one major concern will be making sure your investment is protected and that the property is being maintained and kept in good repair.

Our role when acting for landlord in the dilapidations process, is to identify whether the tenant has done this and fulfilled any repair obligations in their lease.

We review the lease and any relevant documents, undertake a survey of your property and prepare an appropriate Schedule of Dilapidations which identifies what work needs to be done so the property is handed back to you in a satisfactory condition.

We then discuss this directly with the tenant and their advisors to agree whether the tenant will do the work or a financial settlement will be reached. Whichever option is chosen, we will ensure the best commercial outcome for you as property owner.

An example of a Dilapidations claim that we negotiated on behalf of a Landlord is for Northumberland Estates at Bywell Hall, Northumberland.

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