• Work with you to develop a brief for your project
  • Arrange the appointment of appropriate design team members, such as architects and engineers
  • Manage the design team and prepare tender documents
  • Manage the procurement and tender process
  • Put in place a formal contract with the contractor
  • Manage the contract through to completion
  • We will be your primary point of contact throughout the project

For large or complicated projects, specialist roles need to work together and form a design team. This often includes Architects or Interior Designers, Structural Engineers, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Planning Consultants, Ecologists or even specialists such as Acoustic Engineers. This team needs a leader to manage it and ensure that processes are followed and there is a clear project pathway. This is our role as Project Manager (sometimes referred to as Employer’s Agent).

As Project Manager, we lead the team through the design phase setting interim deadlines for documentation to be produced and agree a Project Execution Plan to follow. A tender package is prepared and once a contractor is chosen we then manage the process through the construction phase. We are central to the whole process and remain the key point of contact for you and any other stakeholders.

We always undertake this role with a view to making the process as easy as possible for you. We how buildings should function and have surveyed hundreds of buildings after they have been occupied for many years. We are experts in building regulations, planning law, building defects and how buildings should be built. We can therefore offer a great overview of the project at any time as opposed to piecemeal advice. This makes the whole process more efficient for you.

Examples of Project Management work we have done include Norfolk House, Grey Street & St Cuthbert’s House, Durham.

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