• Undertake a detailed survey of the of the property
  • Take detailed photographs of the property
  • Formulate a written commentary to accompany the photos
  • Create the Schedule of Condition
  • Obtain the consent of the landlord to the Schedule of Condition
  • Circulate the final schedule to your solicitor to attach to your lease

Entering into a lease as a tenant can be one of the most expensive costs for any business to commit to. The tenant takes on many financial liabilities in addition to the rent, which often includes the costs of repairing and maintaining the building. Many tenants are unaware of, or underestimate the extent of these costs over the lease term.

We can help you to limit that liability by inspecting the property and preparing a Schedule of Condition. This is a document that records the state and condition of the property at the time the lease is entered into using detailed photographs and a written description.

The Schedule of Condition provides details of any pre-existing damage or disrepair which was there before you took possession of the premises. This document is then attached to the lease with a clear agreement between the landlord and the tenant that the tenant is not required to return the property in any better state of condition than it was in when the lease started. This can significantly limit the financial liability for you, the tenant at the end of your lease.

An example of a Schedule of Condition we have undertaken is of The Solar Building, Rainton Lane, Sunderland for Energy Compare Ltd.

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