Barrington Road Industrial Estate

This property is an industrial building in Northumberland and part of a small industrial estate.

It was constructed in 2003 and the original design had allowed for the building to be divided into six small units of around 3000 square feet each. Prior to the completion of the construction works, however the company that had agreed to take a lease of the property and be the first occupier wanted to simply occupy the whole building with no subdividing walls being erected. This suited their proposed use of the property.

Our client acquired the property with this tenant already in occupation. Their lease, however came to an end and the tenant decided not to renew the lease and moved out.

Once the tenant had made the decision to move out, our client commissioned us to review the lease and all associated documents and clarify what obligations the tenant had at the end of the lease to reinstate any changes that they had made to the building and what repairs they were required to comply with their obligations in the Lease.

After much discussion and negotiation, we reached a settlement for a six figure sum to be paid to our client in lieu of the tenant undertaking their outstanding legal obligations. Our client has used this money to undertake the repairs required to bring the property into a good state of repair and condition.

We were also the commissioned to act as contract administrator and design the work needed to subdivide the property into six smaller units as the initial architect had intended back in 2003 ready to be let to new tenants. This included undertaking structural calculations for the erection of appropriate fire rated walls, subdivision of essential services and the installation of welfare facilities in each of the units.

Once we had completed the specification for these works, we put this out to tender to competent contractors to obtain a competitive price.
We also produced good quality drawings and artistic impressions which the client used for marketing purposes whilst this process of tendering was underway. Strong interest led to all of the units being let during and very soon after the works were completed.

This is a good example of how our skill set can enable our clients to obtain an appropriate level of funds from an outgoing tenant and then invest this into refurbishment works to make their property suitable to the letting market at that time and ensure that it will be let and continue to be an excellent investment for them.

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